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I am back folks! Sorry for the long hiatus. Still unsure if I will be weekly or bi-weekly at this point so expect some shifting around of the schedule.
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Well I was going to do the first five chapters when I realized the first chapter was 54 pages! With a lot packed in! So let us get to unpacking this bad boy.

 The manga opens like the anime does in a scene we've learned to skip over despite it's inherent importance. That is, the last words of Gol D. Roger who purposefully starts the next great pirate age. For what reason? Who knows. Let's just appreciate a moment how much he looks like Ace.

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Bit of Business; Because it's frankly insane to comment on the manga and anime separately, I will be commenting on arcs, mooshing them together and talking about them at the same time --though I will bring up when things are different. Also for the East Blue Arc I'll review arc by arc (and not chapter by chapter or ep by ep.) Though we'll see what happens when we reach the Grand Line.

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So for some reason or another, I decided it was time to re-watch One Piece. Why? Well, why not? It was about time and though I’d seen/read most of it, barring some gaps in Marine Ford. (Marinne Foooord) I decided to take a bunch of my online friends and rewatch this show together with them. It will be a long and involved journey that is just at its beginning. (and I do mean beginning) but it is a journey worth taking.

As a note, as of now, we are watching the Funi sub which is about the same quality of translation you’d find at fansub sites aside from automatically translating nakama as crew or comrade, which is fine but keep nakama. It’s okay. Really. Video quality is much better, natch.

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